Hey marawanish, thanks for reading the article and getting in touch! Welcome to Linux, man. I haven’t even bothered to solve media or wireless connectivity issues: my apartment has an ethernet cord running across the floor, haha. For wireless start by googling around for Broadcomm drivers and hardware. People have solved this, but it is a long, hard road. My workstation is strictly for analytics and office stuff. For a good, holistic UX use a Mac ;)

FYI, sounds like you had a couple go arounds with Fedora before switching to CentOS. Since writing this article I’ve actually switched to Fedora, using docker to run deep learning containers. Check it out here: https://medium.com/@aaronpolhamus/nvidia-powered-ml-station-with-fedora-29-docker-a8e4bd6a80ae. You can easily stick with CentOS while switching to Docker. Will save you some system install pain.



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