Launching Vest 🚀

Aaron Polhamus
3 min readNov 10, 2021


Dear Vest Customer,

I am thrilled to announce that we are launching Vest’s private beta via waitlist. This phase of the launch will last until early January when we fully open the platform to the public.

For much of my time as an investor, I tended to either stay on the sidelines in cash or make big, risky bets looking for 100x wins. As a consequence, I missed out on some incredible returns, along with the peace of mind that comes with having a strong financial foundation. Through experience, I’ve learned that building this foundation is less about perfect timing and more about having the right combination of tools, training, and outlook. We’ve built Vest to provide you with all three, and my hope today is that the platform becomes your ally in your investment journey.

As a team, we will continuously work hard for you to have the tools that you need to build your financial future on your own terms, without high-cost middlemen or hidden fees. Today, Vest is a place where you open a brokerage account, owned by you and under your name in the U.S.A with unrestricted access to over 5,000 publicly traded stocks, ETFs, and REIT traded on U.S exchanges (if you’re unfamiliar with these terms, check out the english version of our basics of investing guide).

Investment returns are never guaranteed: there will always be risk. What we can guarantee at Vest is that we will never stop working hard for you. Our promise today is that:

We’re never going to stop innovating: We’ll build new products that you’ll love while making our existing offering more efficient and convenient.

We’re committed to training and education: From original content designed with your input to our “zero risk mode” virtual learning environment, our goal is for you to feel comfortable to start investing.

We won’t charge you extra to move your money from point A to point B: Getting money in and out of your accounts should be as smooth as possible. While we do have some minor costs to cover when you transfer funds from your local account, we don’t add foreign exchange surcharges, unlike many of our competitors.

We’ll be radically transparent with you: We’re committed to being transparent and never surprise you with hidden fees, commissions, or surprise contracts.

Today Vest makes money on something called “payment for order flow” along with interest on the cash in your brokerage account. We only make money when you trust us enough to manage yours. We are building for the long-term and will continue to bring online products and services that create a “win-win” for you and for us.

For us, “building your financial future” is much more about independence and peace of mind than getting rich quickly. This means different things for different people, whether that’s having funds in the bank for an emergency, pursuing an artistic career, or simply having the peace of mind that one day you’ll have the freedom to retire comfortably. Whatever your priorities, we believe that you deserve control over your own money.

We can’t wait to build something amazing together. Join our waiting list for a free stock on us. If you refer your friends and help us get the word out, we’ll say thanks with a pre-built portfolio from $25 — $2,500 in value if you are in the top-300 places.

Warmest regards

Aaron, CEO of Vest



Aaron Polhamus

Working with Team Vest to transform how retail investing is done throughout the Americas 🌎